Wednesday, January 15, 2014


I joined a 30-day challenge as a method of accountability to revive this blog, one of my commitments for 2014. There have been many changes in my life and the breadth of this research project. I have a new job with lots of intellectual and community support for our work. I've broadened the topic and I've met some incredible people to whom I am eternally indebted. Please know that I have thought of you often on my many research trips. I've decided to use this space to share with you some of my experiences, important stories, places and people who continue to influence my thinking on this work. I want you to meet those who live this life, as Black Farmers, community activists, and others whose efforts strive toward increasing access to healthy food, a power position in the food system and those whose very lives demonstrate the relationship between land, food and freedom, those I call Freedom Farmers. 

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